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Sensor Simulation with Dynamic Objects
FairToken: Learning Fair Text Representations
Autonomous Driving in Adverse Weather Conditions
Neural Radiance Imaging
2023 Team 5
Uncertainty in Image classification


Open-world Panoptic LiDAR Segmentation
Neural Re-Photography
Automatic bias removal from datasets
Neural Synthetic Wavelength Interferometry
Omnidirectional Multi-view Stereo on Edge Devices
Depth Estimation in Low-light Environments for Autonomous Navigation
One Million Generative Models
Platform Pittsburgh, Smart Cities
Dynamic Implicit Neural Representations for Avatar Animation
Modeling and Understanding Pedestrian Behavior
Multi-Camera Pose Estimation
Automate Pose Estimation for Robotics Manipulation
Unsupervised Online Human Detection and Tracking
3D Face Reconstruction using Mobile Device
Sparse-view 3D Reconstruction


Reinforcement Learning for Self Driving Cars
Autoregressive Conditional Generation using Transformers
Dynamic Octrees for Efficient Volumetric Modeling
Forecasting for Autonomous Driving
Panoptic Lidar Segmentation for Autonomous Driving
Multimodal Fusion for Autonomous Driving
Millimeter-wave Radar SLAM
Graph Neural Networks for Vector Map Automation
Human Pose Estimation and Tracking
Neural Rendering of Faces


Long Term Mapping for SLAM in Dynamic Environments
Semantic Map Representation
Object Detection in Infrared Images
Reinforcement Learning for Self Driving Cars
Self-supervised 3D Object Detection and Shape Completion
Multimodal 3D Object Detection
Updating HD Maps with Videos from Vehicles
Learning Implicit 3D Representation for Arbitrary Shapes
Consistent Multiview Color Correction
Real-time Photorealistic VR Facial Animation
Self-Supervised Visual Concept Learning
Semantic Facial Image Manipulation using 2D/3D modalities
Dense Keypoint Detection on Hands
Image-based Localization for Autonomous Drones
Self-supervised Representation Learning for Deformable Objects


SLAM in Dynamic Environments
Online Calibration
Tracking Two-Hand Interactions
Realistic Human Modeling for Virtual Reality
Automatic Data Augmentation
Deep Slope Estimation with Formal Verification & Cloth Parts Detection
Deep Prediction for Self-Driving Cars
Sony Chef - Learning a Simulator for Cooking
Embedded Pedestrian Tracking and Detection
Sensor Fusion with Single Photon Detectors
RGB Guided Depth Map Super-resolution
Visual Inspection for Aircraft & Power Lines
Deep 3D Mesh Reconstruction
Automatic Photo Composition
Open Vision Platform for Smart City Intersections & VQA from Camera Networks


Model Compression
Exploiting Synthetic Data for Street Scene Segmentation
Platform Pittsburgh
Adversarial Learning for Diabetic Retinopathy
Generating risk map for Aerial Drones landing in Urban area
Learning Person-Specific 3D Face Reconstruction with Quantitative Analysis
Target-relevance Enforcement
Indoor scene understanding using long-term time-lapse imagery
Photorealistic 3D Hair Reconstruction
Semi Automatic Point Cloud Annotation
Semi-supervised Similarity Learning On Product Facings
3D detection in Large Scale Point Cloud Data
3D Vision and Learning to predict deformations from CAD models