Autonomous driving has seen a huge spike in interest in recent times, with several companies such as Cruise investing billions in building cars capable of driving by themselves. These cars process the external environment provided by their numerous sensors and make decisions in real-time to ensure smooth driving. A humongous amount of data is required to help the cars learn this task and should cover the rarest of situations since even one wrong decision can be fatal.

Problem Statement

Credits: Tesla AI day demo

Situations like the one above, where humans are running on the highway, are rare in the real world but can be easily generated in a simulator. To ensure the transferability of performance for autonomous driving, the simulations need to:

  1. be photo-realistic
  2. handle moving objects
  3. be easy to render

Our work looks forward to tackling all of these problems. In a sentence, our problem statement is:

Insert dynamic objects into a scene photo-realistically.