Daohan “Fred” Lu

Fred is one of the two MSCV students working on this project. A Coder, designer, maker, researcher, student, gamer. I observe the world as the unique person I am and use computer science to create new and useful stuff to help with what I think can be improved. Fred’s Website

Rohan Agarwal

Rohan is a graduate student at the Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University. Before joining CMU, he worked as an engineer at Qualcomm in their Multimedia and Graphics Group. His research is focused on realizing scalable, intelligent vision systems, especially in the fields of generative modeling and computational photography.

Nupur Kumari

Nupur, one of Jun-Yan’s M.S. Students is also working on this project. Her research interests lie in computer vision, specifically generative models, self-supervision, and few-shot learning. Link

Shengyu Wang

Shengyu, one of Jun-Yan’s Ph.D. students is also working on this project. His research interests are in computer graphics, computational photography, and machine learning. Link

Jun-Yan Zhu

Jun-Yan Zhu is our Advisor. He is an Assistant Professor with The Robotics Institute in the School of Computer Science of Carnegie Mellon University. He studies computer vision, computer graphics, machine learning, and computational photography. Link

David Bau

David Bau is a co-advisor on the project. He was a Postdoc researcher in deep nets and vision, an ex-Googler. He has recently joined Northeastern University as a CS professor. Link