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Dr. Dong Huang

Senior Project Scientist at Carnegie Mellon University.  He leads the DeLight lab at the Robotics Institute, CMU. He works on dense supervision deep learning to empower multi-modality systems and autonomous machines with efficient 3D perception capabilities.


Yu-Hsuan Yeh

Yu-Hsuan Yeh is a current MSCV student at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). Before joining CMU, she interned at Lumachain, a start-up in Australia, working on vision-related projects. Her research interests center around Computer Vision and Deep Learning, with a focus on scene understanding in real-world environments, 360-degree image applications, and the creation of new panorama representations.

Qibang Zhu

Qibang Zhu is a graduate student pursuing Master’s in Computer Vision at the Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University graduating in December 2023. He graduated from Vanderbilt University majoring in CS & Mathematics. Prior to joining CMU, he interned at Lenovo Research for object and flaw detections and worked with MIT Driverless on the perception team for the autonomous racing cars. His research is focused on computer vision tasks including object detection and semantic segmentations.

Industry sponsor:

Honda 99P Labs

Ryan Lingo

Developer Advocate at 99P Labs. Ryan is a developer advocate. He specializes in communicating complex concepts by making them understandable to wider audiences, is proficient in Python, and loves solving complex problems.

Nithin Santhanam

Research Engineer at Honda Research Institute. Data Engineer at Honda R&D. Background in Applied Math with experience in the data engineering and analytics fields.

Rajeev Chhajer

Research Domain Leader – Software-defined Mobility