Team Pirates


Lingran Zhao is a current MSCV student at Carnegie Mellon University, School of Computer Science. He graduated from Peking University, earning a Bachelor’s in Computer Science. His research interests include efficient deep learning, autonomous driving, and multimodal learning. In this project, he is responsible for developing the angle estimation module, organizing the released code, and evaluating on datasets.
Contact: Linkedin | GitHub.

Ziyou Ren is currently a first-year MSCV student at the Robotic Institute, Carnegie Mellon University. Prior to that, he obtained his B.Eng in Telecommunication Engineering at Xidian University. His research interests include video understanding, semi-supervised learning, and SLAM. In this project, he specializes in developing the keyframe detection module and codes while analyzing the experimental results.


Deva Ramanan is a Professor in the Robotics Institute at Carnegie- Mellon University and the former director of the CMU Center for Autonomous Vehicle Research. His research interests span computer vision and machine learning, with a focus on visual recognition.

Nathaniel E. Chodosh is a Ph.D. student in the Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Institute working under the supervision of Simon Lucey and Deva Ramanan. His research is focused on motion and geometry estimation from LiDAR sensors used in autonomous driving.

Sponsor Advisors

Sean Ahmed is the director of the Pirates’ Informatics department as Research & Development and continues to lead significant growth in the team’s data-science and engineering capabilities.

James Bueghly is a data scientist at Pittsburgh Pirates