Student: Shen Zheng

Shen Zheng is a second-year MSCV student at CMU. His research focus on better scene understanding across diverse environments using preprocessing, finetuning and domain adaptation techiniques. For this MSCV project, Shen Zheng is responsible for developing object detection and semantic segmentation algorithms that generalize to adverse weather conditions, including rain, snow, and fog.


Professor: Srinivasa Narasimhan

Srinivasa Narasimhan is the U.A. and Helen Whitaker Professor of Robotics. His group focuses on novel techniques for imaging and illumination to enable applications in vision, graphics, robotics, agriculture, intelligent transportation and medical imaging. His works have received a dozen Best Paper or Best Demo or Honorable mention awards at major conferences [IV (2021), ICCV (2013), CVPR (2022, 2019, 2015, 2000), ICCP (2020, 2015, 2012), I3D (2013), CVPR/ICCV Workshops (2007, 2009)]. In addition, he has received the Ford URP Award (2013), Okawa Research Grant (2009) and the NSF CAREER Award (2007). Besides, he served on the editorial board of the International Journal of Computer Vision (2009-2023) and serves frequently as Area Chair of top computer vision conferences (CVPR, ICCV, ECCV, BMVC, ACCV, 3DV).