Akshunn Jindal (Project Member)

Akshunn is a first year Masters in Computer Vision (MSCV) student in Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. He graduated from IIT Delhi majoring in Electrical Engineering. He worked on AI based Multimedia Compression, Facial Recognition, mobile 3D Reconstruction, mobile SLAM and Augmented Reality at Samsung Research prior to joining CMU. He works on ML aspect of Neural Synthetic Wavelength Interferometry

Ioannis Gkioulekas (Advisor)

Ioannis is an Assistant Professor in the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. He received his PhD from the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Harvard University, where his advisor was Todd Zickler. Before that, he received a Diploma (five-year degree) in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens, where he worked with Petros Maragos.