Chih-Wei Wu

Chih-Wei is a first-year master student at Carnegie Mellon University studying Computer Vision.  He works with Yi-Chun together on this project to explore the possibility of representing 2D/3D data with a more efficient data structure. His research interest lies in the intersection of Computer Vision and Machine learning, especially multi-camera tracking and object re-identification and their application in smart surveillance systems. He received his BS and MS from National Taiwan University. His publications include person/vehicle re-identification, multi-camera tracking, unsupervised learning.

Yi-Chun Chen

Yi-Chun is currently a first-year master’s student majoring in Computer Vision at Carnegie Mellon University. In this project, she works together with Chih-Wei to formulate the problem, design the network, and implement the ideas. Her research interests include deep learning and computer vision, especially object detection and image segmentation, and their applications to video conferencing and smart manufacturing. She won a Best Industry Impact Award at ICIP’21. She received her BS from National Tsing-Hua University. Her publications include defect segmentation, 360-degree vision, image captioning, and wearable vision system.

Jason Saragih

Facebook Reality Lab advisor of this project.

Ji Zhang

CMU advisor of this project.