Team Members

Team Members:

Wenwen Si

MSCV student

Project responsibilities: Implemented Mask BA-Net. Develop training and testing for this deep learning model on different dataset and visualization. Researched on various algorithms for dynamics SLAM.

Bio: Wenwen is a first year Computer Vision master in Robotics Institute, SCS. She earned her bachelor degree in Automation in Tsinghua University. She had conducted several research projects in UCLA and CMU. She have a broad hoirzon on both tradtional and deep learning methods in areas of generative learning and computer vision.  She is interested in representation learning, modeling of dynamics and the combination of algorithms in different fields.


Kenan Deng

MSCV student

Project responsibilities: Established baseline. Researched on various techniques of motion segmentation. Developed testing, and visualization of outputs.


Bio: Kenan is a MSCV student in CMU. He graduated from University of Toronto with bachelor degrees in Computer Science. He had worked projects in computational photography, augmented reality, geometric processing and deep learning. He is interested in combination of geometry and data-driven methods.


Michael Kaess

Assistant Research Professor

For more information, please visit Michael’s homepage