Team Name – SensorFusion

Team Members

Rishi Madhok

MSCV Student, CMU

Rishi is a Graduate student at the Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, majoring in computer vision. He has been active in computer vision research for past three years, with publications at top conferences including CVPR, AAAI and WACV. His work focused on self-supervised learning, video understanding from a multimodal perspective, action recognition and object detection and currently he is working on the problem of Sensor Fusion, which is a key research area for the self driving industry. For his work on sensor fusion, he is exploring and developing a suite of sensor fusion techniques around an emerging sensing technology known as a single-photon avalanche diode. In the past, he has interned at IBM Research Labs, India and he was also a visiting research scholar at the Computer Science Department, SCS, CMU where he worked with Prof. Dave Touretzky on developing a multi camera/ multi robot system for a small autonomous robot.

His online: portfolio

Responsibilities: Rishi performed fusion experiments and worked on generating data from Ouster Single Photon LiDAR.

You can connect with him through his LinkedIn

Talha Siddiqui

MSCV Student, CMU

Talha is currently pursuing Master’s degree in Computer Vision (MSCV) at the Robotics Institute, School of Computer Science, CMU. He’ll be joining Aurora Innovation as a Software Engineer from February’20. His areas of interest primarily include Machine Learning applications in Computer Vision, specifically in Object Detection, Semantic Segmentation, and Biometrics. Prior to joining CMU, he worked at IBM Research Labs, India as a Research Software Engineer for two years where his project focussed on learning semantic masks in videos. He has hands-on experience in implementing deep learning algorithms such as convolutional neural networks and recurrent neural networks in Keras, Pytorch and Tensorflow.

Responsibilities: Talha simulated Single Photon LIDAR measurements and performed fusion experiments.

You can connect with him through his LinkedIn


Matthew O’Toole

Assistant Professor, CMU

Responsibility: Advising project.

(Following contents and profile photo are copied from Matt’s homepage)

Matt is an Assistant Professor at CMU in the Robotics Institute. Prior to his appointment at CMU, he worked as a post-doc at Stanford University.